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Accessibility for Everyone

Paddio's Promise

Paddio is committed to making our website, products and services accessible to everyone. We are dedicated to delivering an empowering customer experience and will always work to accommodate any additional requests or resources.

Guides & Additional Support

Optimize your mobile devices (iOS, Android)

  • “Voiceover" for iOS: Find “Settings”, then “General”, to “Vision”, then “Accessibility”, then toggle “Voiceover” on.
  • “Talkback” for Android: Find “Apps” icon, then “Settings”, then “Accessibility”, then toggle “Talkback” on.

Get speech dictation and screen reader assistance

  • If you are unable to perceive and input content from a webpage, get help through diction and text-to speech software.
  • Those without ability to perceive and input content on a page can get assistance through text-to-speech and dictation software. The free options available to audibly deliver content specific to your device include: Talkback, NVDA and VoiceOver.

Use zoom in/out on your browser or screen

  • Apple Devices: Touch to tap “Settings”, then “General”, then “Accessibility”. Tap to toggle “Zoom” to “On.”
  • Mac: In System Preferences, click to open “Universal Access” and click the “Seeing” tab. Check “Zoom” to “On.”
  • Windows: Press and hold the windows key with plus sign (+) to magnify the page. You can also use Windows “Magnifier” tool. To zoom out, press hold windows key with minus sign (-).

Need something you don’t see here?

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