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Your Guide to the FHA Appraisal: Requirements, Timeline, and FAQs

For individuals seeking to buy a home with a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan, the FHA appraisal stands as a critical juncture in the overall homebuying process. Unlike a traditional appraisal, an FHA appraisal involves a more comprehensive assessment of the property's condition, aiming to ensure that it meets the standards set forth by the FHA. In the following sections, we explore the key aspects of the FHA appraisal, including its timeline, requirements, and FAQs.

Shiloh Davis
Shiloh Davis, Loan Officer Development
NMLS #2056630
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USDA Loan Pros and Cons: Decide if This 0% Down Loan Works for You

USDA loans are appealing to homebuyers who don't have the money saved for a down payment. There are many other reasons why this loan type is so popular. It's often easier to qualify for a USDA loan because of flexible credit requirements and lower interest rates can save you tons of money in the long-run. However, USDA loans are not right for every homebuyer.

Tyler Oswald
Tyler Oswald, Loan Officer Development
NMLS #2071128
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